Lyric solver the return


You can Call It a come back just dont sperm on my spine .

and with that said  Welcome back yoh.

It's really been a minute and man has there been some changes in the game. Forget the game man the whole world is topsy turvy.

Good thing change makes for iller raps, iller flows, iller content and we are back to analyze the lyrics from that critical lyrically scientific school of thought


These cats is no match—plus they lack a certain knack for rapping
Chasin' but they never catch the wagon like Re-run and "What's Happening" Since back when they had potty issues and snotty tissues we been rockin' Think you poppin'
next year nobody will miss you
My thoughts is too advanced for the artists on these labels


What DO we Mean BY Scientific

We equate the literary standard of hip hop lyrics to the same levels as traditional poetry is regarded

From a traditional point of view;

Lyric poetry is a formal type of poetry that keeps its expressiveness even under strict parameters of meter.

From a hip hop lyrics point of view the form may not be as strict but intent to achieve form is what we call a great lyric

Finding and identifying Hip Hop Lyrics that can stand next to the works of classical poets is what strive to do

Lyrical Meter

Traditional Lyrical METER

  • Iambic – two syllables, with the short or unstressed syllable followed by the long or stressed syllable.
  • Trochaic – two syllables, with the long or stressed syllable followed by the short or unstressed syllable. In English, this metre is found almost entirely in lyric poetry.
  • Pyrrhic – Two unstressed syllables
  • Anapestic – three syllables, with the first two short or unstressed and the last long or stressed.
  • Dactylic – three syllables, with the first one long or stressed and the other two short or unstressed.
  • Spondaic – two syllables, with two successive long or stressed syllables.

Not that we only checking for form ....Nope
The lines gotta be dope man , ill , mind bending or at least something must make the lyric interesting .Throw in some antandras and alliterations

and word you might got something

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